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From packaging that helps prevent foodborne illness to toddler gates, helmets, seatbelts and airbags—plastics contribute to our safety throughout the day, every day. 

Because plastics are so integral to our daily lives, it’s important to have reliable information on the safety of these products and how best to use them. Recent media reports have looked into the safety of plastics that come into contact with foods and beverages. 

Consumers should know that all plastics intended for food use must meet stringent FDA safety standards before they can be marketed to consumers. To help evaluate the safety of our food, FDA reviews safety information on food packaging materials, including whether tiny amounts of substances could potentially migrate from a package into its contents.

If you have questions about specific plastics or products, the following resources can help you find answers.

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Plastics Statistics

The Plastics Industry Producers Statistics Group (PIPS) provides relevant, timely, comprehensive and extensive business statistics on the plastic resins industry.