Plastics are valuable materials that should be recycled. By doing more with less, plastic products and packages help promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources. And in many cases, we can enhance plastics’ environmental benefits by remembering to recycle after use.

Plastics makers support the U.S. EPA’s waste management hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle, recover. The pages and links below detail recent advancements in plastics recycling. For a quick overview on recycling, see our fact sheet on "Recycling in the United States."

Here and Now: Know Your Recycling

Step Up Your Plastics Recycling

Innovation in Plastics Recycling Awards

The annual awards honor companies and individuals who have successfully brought new technologies, products and initiatives into communities and/or the marketplace. » learn more

Progress in Plastics Recycling

Recycling can vary from place to place, but most community curbside programs recycle plastic bottles and many now recycle other plastic containers. In addition many large grocery and retail chains now offer bins to collect plastics bags and wraps for recycling. » learn more

How ACC is Helping to Advance the Progress in Plastics Recycling

From tracking recycling statistics to funding education campaigns and placing recycling bins on beaches, ACC is actively engaged in efforts to advance plastics recycling across the United States. » learn more

Innovative Products

More than eighty percent of Americans say they feel “green” when they buy products made from recycled materials. Today, in many cases, used plastics can be recycled to make carpeting, clothing, accessories, backyard decks, home building products, furniture, car partselectronics and new bottles, bags and containers. » learn more

Energy Recovery and Feedstock Recycling

Sometimes there are economic or environmental limitations to recycling, and in those cases, studies clearly indicate that energy recovery, which can include converting used plastics into energy or feedstock manufacturing materials, is a better option than landfilling valuable plastics materials. » learn more

Recycling Resources and Reports

View these important publications, including community tools and recycling reports related to reclamation, reuse, and durables. » learn more

Recycling Links

View these important plastics recycling links. » learn more