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For decades plastics have driven innovation in packaging design. For example, Modified Atmosphere Packaging helps preserve freshness by sealing a reduced oxygen air mixture inside a plastic package with food. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the technique can extend a product’s shelf life by slowing down the growth of bacteria.1
Or, there’s the new cutting edge tamper evident two-in-one plastic vial that allows consumers to verify the integrity of a packaged injectable medication. The plastic vials protect the medications from contamination, and a simple twist mixes the pre-measured ingredients, which results in more accurate dosing and less waste.
Whether used to package food, or in electronics, appliances, medicines, household goods or any number of other things, plastics are extraordinarily diverse and are delivering continued product and packaging innovations. Plastic packaging has benefitted from continued re-engineering to become lighter and more efficient. Did you know that today’s two-liter plastic beverage bottle and one-gallon milk jug weigh approximately 33 percent less than they did in the 1970s?
And, new cutting-edge technologies are coming online every day. Bioplastics continues to be an exciting area of new innovation in the plastics industry.
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 •DuPont Packaging Awards 

1 United States Food and Drug Administration, Safe Practices for Food Processes, Ch. 3, Factors that influence microbial growth

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