From computers and cell phones to televisions and microwaves, durable, lightweight and affordable plastics have helped revolutionize the electronics we rely on every day. Plastics deliver an incredible range of performance benefits. Their unique combination of performance properties inspires innovation on two fronts: the development of new and better products and the more efficient use of resource.

Plastics enable many of our favorite electronics to do more with less. For instance, plastics are essential to advances in weight reduction and miniaturization in many electronic products, so less material is used in production. In addition, plastics can be engineered to meet very specific performance requirements, often helping to achieve greater energy efficiency over the course of a product’s life.

For more than a decade, ACC’s Plastics Division has been helping promote sound  plastics recycling and  recovery from electronic equipment and products. We sponsor research and development projects, publish new information and support technology transfer initiatives. Our knowledge base has grown significantly in recent years, and as the quest for answers continues, we are committed to working with stakeholders throughout the plastics, electronics supply and stakeholder groups to advance the responsible and cost-effective recycling of plastics from electronic equipment and products.

Recycling facilities may not be available in all areas. Check to see if recycling facilities exist in your community.

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