NRPP LogoSome plastics are not currently collected in your recycling bin in parts of the United States. Until now, they mostly were placed in your garbage bin and went to landfill. But now there’s a way to recover their value for conversion to new products or fuels and keep them out of landfill. It’s called the Recover More Plastic Program.

Recover More Plastic works with brand owners, retailers, municipalities, and consumers to recover these valuable plastics. Municipalities collect these plastics through their existing curbside recycling programs and turn these plastics into new products utilizing local technology companies.

Why Recover More Plastic?

  • Recover More Plastic is a proven approach that converts plastics to new products or fuels by focusing on plastic packaging that faces technical challenges to traditional recycling collection.
  • Recover More Plastic complements existing recycling by reducing contamination of valuable recyclables.
  • Recover More Plastic works toward sustainability and zero waste goals by converting even more plastics to useful products or fuels, thus conserving natural resources.
  • Recover More Plastic helps get more value out of plastics that are otherwise often end up in landfill or littered.

Get Started

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Existing Programs

Some cities are already running similar programs like the Hefty® EnergyBag Program. The program collaborates with plastic material producers, brand companies, and local material recovery facilities.

The Hefty® EnergyBag program was piloted in Citrus Heights, California, in 2014 and is currently operating in Omaha, Nebraska, Bellevue, Nebraska, and Boise, Idaho, with new programs coming to Cobb County, Georgia, and other communities shortly.

Click here to learn more about these existing programs.


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