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ACC Plastics-Related Sites

  • Automotive Learning Center
    The Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to show the automotive community how plastics are the material of innovation.
    A comprehensive resource for environmental, health and safety information about bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins.
  • Center for the Polyurethanes Industry
    The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of ACC serves as the voice of the polyurethanes industry in North America, promoting its development and coordinating with polyurethane trade associations across the globe.
  • Facts About BPA
    Learn about BPA facts, statistics, and myths regarding this chemical and its many applications.
  • Foam Sheathing Committee
    The Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC) of ACC focuses on developing solutions to building code issues, in close coordination with ACC’s Plastics Building and Construction Team and ACC’s Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, and promoting the sound technical use of foam sheathing to the construction industry.
  • Green Building Solutions
    Plastic building materials strike a balance between energy efficiency, cost efficiency, low maintenance and attractive design.
  • Marine Debris Solutions
    Plastic makers agree: plastics go in the recycling bin, not the ocean. Learn what we’re doing to help prevent marine debris.
  • Operation Clean Sweep
    This initiative protects the environment by seeking to eliminate the release of resin pellets into the environment.
  • Plastic Bag Recycling
    Online resource for plastic bag and film recycling.
  • Plastic Foodservice Facts
    A rich source for all sorts of information on the plastic foodservice packaging that we use every day, including information to educate the public about the importance and benefits of polystyrene food packaging.
  • Plastic Packaging
    This site gathers information on the makeup of plastics, their use in packaging and their role in the environment. There’s already a lot of information available on these topics—this site brings it together in one place to make it easier to explore, research and learn.
    This site provides a rich resource of materials on the safe and effective use of plastics in healthcare, science, and around the house.
  • Plastics Make it Possible®
    Highlights the many ways plastics inspire innovations that improve our lives, solve big problems and help us design a safer, more promising future.
  • Plastics MythBuster
    Puzzled by something you read about plastics? Use this site to look up the status of a rumor and learn what the experts have to say.
    This site is an easy to use resource on plastics recycling for recycling professionals, and includes resources such as user-friendly tips and tools, best practices, ready access to experts and peers in the recycling world and more.
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
    Whether you’re a homeowner hiring someone to install spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for you, a do-it-yourselfer, an SPF contractor, builder or weatherization professional, this site will give you the facts about SPF and important safety guidelines that should be followed during application.
  • Vinyl in Design
    This site is an online resource for building professionals.
  • Vinyl Institute
    The Vinyl Institute is a U.S. trade association representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, vinyl additives and modifiers, and vinyl packaging materials.
  • Why Spray Foam?
    The Spray Foam Coalition (SFC) champions the use of spray polyurethane foam in U.S. building and construction applications by promoting its benefits, providing a forum to help shape public policy on issues critical to the industry, and supporting the safe manufacture, transport, and application of spray polyurethane foam.

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  • American Fiber Manufacturers Association
    Fibersource is the American Fiber Manufacturers Association's (AFMA) website is devoted to trade, production and basic data on synthetic and cellulosic fibers. Discussion of fiber and polymer science, its history and its manufacturing are just a few of the topics explored.
  • American Petroleum Institute
    API is the major national trade association representing the entire petroleum industry and acts as a forum for all parts of the oil and natural gas industry to pursue priority public policy objectives and advance the interests of the industry in a legally appropriate manner. To prepare the next generation of Americans to make informed decisions, API works with the National Science Teachers Association to further understanding of the scientific principles that govern the production and use of energy.
  • Keep America Beautiful
    KAB is a public education organization that is dedicated to preserving the country's natural beauty and environment, while improving solid waste management practices at the community level.
  • National Inventors Hall of Fame™/Invent Now®
    Everything offered is in service of their mission: to celebrate and foster the spirit and practice of invention—the innate human impulse that drives social and economic progress. The National Inventors Hall of Fame honors the women and men responsible for the great technological advances that make human, social and economic progress possible.
  • National Middle Level Science Teachers Association
    The National Middle Level Science Teachers Association supports and promotes exemplary and innovative middle level science teaching and learning for all. The National Middle Level Science Teachers'Association is the advocate for middle level science teachers and students.
  • National Science Teachers Association
    NSTA is the largest organization in the world committed to the improvement of science education at all levels.
  • PlastiVan Program—SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association
    A great way to WOW and excite young people about science and the vast opportunities the plastics industry has to offer.
  • Vinyl Roofing Division of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association (CFFA)
    The Vinyl Roofing Division of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association is committed to educating architects, specifiers, building owners and roofing contractors on the attributes of PVC as the preferred material for reflective, durable, single ply roofing systems.

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Environmental Resources

    An independent company committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts, of buildings. Publishers of Environmental Building News.
  • EcoMedia
    EcoMedia is a national recycling organization that works with major movie studios, television stations, advertising agencies, video rental stores and corporate America in order to recycle media industry materials, such as magnetic tape and video cassette holders.
  • Earth Share of New England
    A coalition of nonprofit organizations working to protect and preserve natural resources and public health in New England, across the country, and around the world. Earth Share of New England was established in 1992 to foster environmental philanthropy through public education and workplace giving.
  • Environmental News Network
    The environmental science supersite for timely news, information and resources on the environment.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    The most environmentally sound management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is achieved when these approaches are implemented according to EPA's preferred order: source reduction first, recycling and composting second, and disposal in landfills or waste combustors last. This Web site contains a wealth of information on MSW.
  • GreenBiz offers a wealth of free resources for mainstream companies seeking to align responsibility with business success. Included is daily news and columnists, tools and reports, backgrounders on business environmental topics, and annotated directories of organizations, web sites, government programs, mentoring programs, award programs, events, books, and more.
  • Heartland Institute
    A think tank that applies cutting-edge research to local and state policy problems in the environmental arena.
  • ISEE Summit 2000 – 2004
    The symposium, sponsored by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Electronics and the Environment Committee, provided high quality technical presentations on the latest developments in technology, strategy, management and research from corporations and research institutes worldwide.
  • Keep America Beautiful
    KAB is a public education organization that is dedicated to preserving the country's natural beauty and environment, while improving solid waste management practices at the community level.
  • New England Environmental Directory
    A guide to environmental resources in the Northeast.
  • Ocean Conservancy
    CMC is a non-profit organization committed to protecting the ocean environments and conserving the global abundance and diversity of marine life.
  • Resources for the Future
    RFF conducts independent research, rooted in economics and other social sciences, on natural resources and environmental issues to inform public policy worldwide.
  • WasteWise
    WasteWise is a free, voluntary, EPA program through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste, benefitting the environment.

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Government Affairs

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International Plastics Organizations

  • British Plastics Federation
    The BPF represents manufacturers of polymers, additives and machniery as well as all types of plastics processors and fabricators.
  • Canadian Plastics Industry Association
    The CPIA aims to advance the prosperity and international competitiveness of the Canadian plastics industry in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
  • European Plastics Converters
    The EuPC's objective to use raw materials in a resource efficient manner. For plastics converters this means enerby-conserving production with low emission manufacture, and the recycling of processing wstes andused products.
  • PlasticsEurope
    PlasticsEurope acts as the voice for the European polymer producing industry and is a central source of information on plastics.
  • Plastics New Zealand
    Plastics New Zealand is a national industry group affiliated with the Manufacturers Federation of New Zealand.
  • Plastivida Brazil
    The Plastivida Brazil, part of the Brazilian Chemical Association (ABIQUIM), represents companies in matters relating to manufactured plastics and the environment.
  • Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)
    SAMPE is an international professional member society that provides information on new materials and processing technology for scientists, engineers and academics.
  • World Plastics Council
    The WPC works to promote the ethic of sustainability and the responsible use of plastics; represent the global plastics industry to other stakeholders; coordinate and unite efforts to achieve practical solutions; and share best practices from across various regions.

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Plastics Media Publications

  • Resource Recycling: Plastics Recycling Update
    Plastics Recycling Update is a quarterly periodical that focuses exclusively on polymer recovery efforts. It offers plastic recycling market analysis, coverage of the latest legislation, industry news and views, and technical specs on the latest equipment. It is a superb source for marketing recycling equipment and services and offers and excellent means of sourcing new suppliers of recovered plastics.
  • Global Plastics Letter
    Covers pricing trends, market moves, new and upcoming products and services in the plastics industry. Get updates on about marketing innovations, corporate personnel and management changes, technology breakthroughs and research developments. Particular attention is paid to fast changing international plastics markets.
  • Global Plastics Resource
    A free directory listing of global plastics industry companies, developed by Atlas Infosystems, Inc.
  • Modern Plastics & Modern Plastics International
    Modern Plastics is a plastics publication that presents global coverage of technology, materials, machinery, markets and other topics that affect how processors do business.
  • Packaging Digest
    Packaging Digest is edited for and distributed to the makers and prime users of packaging. Editorial is directed toward expanding the packaging frames of reference for individual packaging functions and market interests by encouraging a cross-fertilization of ideas and concepts.
  • Packaging Strategies, Inc.
    The world's leading information resource on packaging technology, business, and markets, Packaging Strategies' worldwide reporting network is unmatched for exclusive intelligence on new packages, packaging technologies, companies, and market trends.
  • Plastics Engineering
    Plastics Engineering magazine is the official publication of the Society of Plastics Engineers and its mission is to promote the science and technology of plastics engineering and plastics business through the publication of technical articles and industry news.
  • Plastics in Canada
    Plastics in Canada is a plastics industry magazine serving plastics processors and OEMs.
  • Plastics in Packaging
    Plastics in Packaging is the only global publication dedicated to the plastics packaging industry. It is aimed at bringing together those who buy, sell and make plastics packaging, and reports exclusively on resins, flexible and rigid packaging and machinery.
  • Plastics News
    For the latest in breaking industry and resin pricing news, along with extensive processor rankings data, classified ads, stock information, product news, feature stories and more.
  • Plastics Technology Online
    Plastics Technology Online is the magazine for the plastics processing market where information can be found regarding new technology in manufacuting.
  • Rapra Polymer Library
    The Polymer Library at Rapra maintains and develops an online resource providing valuable information to the rubber, plastics, adhesives and composite industries. Rapra also publishes a wide range of technology and market-based journals and publications which are available in their bookstore.
  • Recycling Today Magazine
    Recycling Today Magazine covers all facets of the recycling market with editorials and industry coverage.
  • Waste Age Publications
    Waste Age publishes a number of publications that focus on the solid waste industry.

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Plastics Recycling

  • Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
    EPS or expanded polystyrene is a strong, tough, and efficient packaging material and meets the challenge for safe product delivery in today’s busy world. Used in thousands of different ways by individuals and businesses around the world, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is relied upon to provide superior performance in various foam product applications.
  • Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers
    This website has been prepared by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers as a service to the plastic packaging industry to promote the most efficient use of the nation’s plastics recycling infrastructure and to enhance the quality and quantity of recycled post-consumer plastics.
  • Environmental Protection Agency/Recycling Hotline
    In partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this site was developed to put geographically-specific recycling and household product waste information at your fingertips.
  • Global Recycling Network, Inc.
    A virtual marketplace intended to help businesses find buying, selling and trading partners for recyclable goods.
  • Plastic Bag Recycling
    Launched in May 2007, is a web resource that provides consumer education about recycling of plastic bags and films, including the common types that are typically recycled in grocery and retail stores and municipal drop-offs. Additionally assistance is provided to businesses, recycling coordinators, and retailers to increase plastic film and bag recycling.
    This site is an easy to use resource on plastics recycling for recycling professionals, and includes resources such as user-friendly tips and tools, best practices, ready access to experts and peers in the recycling world and more.

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Trade Associations

  • Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
    The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers has created a network for the collection, reprocessing and reuse of expanded polystyrene foam packaging.
  • Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
    This site was built to serve both the consuming public, and the appliance industry's manufacturers, suppliers and related professionals.
  • Association of PostConsumer Plastic Recyclers
    This website has been prepared by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers as a service to the plastic packaging industry to promote the most efficient use of the nation’s plastics recycling infrastructure and to enhance the quality and quantity of recycled post-consumer plastics.
  • EPS Molders Association
    The EPS Molders Association is committed to promoting and increasing the appropriate use of expanded polystyrene building and construction products. EPSMA interacts with nationally recognized building professionals to provide accurate information on the latest technical advancements and code approval status for all EPS market applications.
  • Flexible Packaging Association
    Since 1950, FPA has served as the voice of the flexible packaging industry. Flexible packaging is manufactured from paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, or any combination of these materials, to produce bags, pouches, labels, liners, and wraps for a broad array of products including: food; pharmaceuticals; medical supplies; household goods; pet food; and garden supplies.
  • Foodservice & Packaging Institute
    FPI's mission is to promote the sanitary, safety, functional, economic and environmental benefits of foodservice disposables.
  • Grocery Manufacturers of America
    The Grocery Manufacturers of America is an organization led by the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies that make and market the world's best known brands of food and consumer packaged goods.
  • Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.
    ISRI represents the private, traditional, industrial recycling industry. The majority of ISRI member companies are family-owned businesses, many of which have been in continuous operation for 100 years or more. Thus, they are often referred to as "The Original Recyclers".
  • Integrated Waste Services Association
    IWSA was formed in 1991 to promote integrated solutions to municipal solid waste managment problems.
  • International Association of Electronics Recyclers
    View the most comprehensive, quality controlled database on electronics recycling organizations available. As a service to IAER Members as well as industry in general, the IAER developed a searchable directory that uses that database.
  • Keep California Beautiful
    Keep California Beautiful (KCB) is a nonprofit environmental education organization, chartered by the state of California in 1990. By actively developing and coordinating business, government and public partnerships, KCB encourages grassroots responsibility for California's environment by promoting cleanup, beautification, recycling and waste reduction efforts.
  • National Association for PET Container Resources
    NAPCOR's goal is to facilitate the economical recovery of plastic containers, with an emphasis on PET.
  • Plastic Molders and Manufacturers Association
    After registering with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers free of charge, PMME serves as a resource to plastics professionals in all industries from medical manufacturing to automotive.
  • Society of Plastic Engineers
    SPE is dedicated to helping individuals in the plastics industry attain higher professional status through increased scientific, engineering and technical knowledge.
  • Society of Plastic Engineers | Industry Update
    SPEs' Industry Update has plastics engineering articles for members and non-members alike.
  • Society of The Plastics Industry, Inc.
    SPI promotes the development of the plastics industry and enhances public understanding of its contributions, while meeting the needs of society.
  • Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
    SWANA is a non-profit, educational organization serving individuals and communities responsible for the management and operation of municipal solid waste management systems.
  • Vinyl Institute
    This site provides information on environmental issues and links to member companies and other allied organizations.
  • Vinyl Siding Institute
    VSI is the only organization dealing with the major issues of the vinyl siding industry.

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