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We believe converting plastics into fuels and petrochemicals is poised to become an advanced recycling solution in the U.S. and globally, but that much needs to be done to educate decision makers about the opportunity. Additionally, public policies need to be refreshed to support sensible, sustainable energy and materials management policies. If your company is a leader and a visionary, we urge you to join the ARAP as we work to position this industry for real growth.

The Advanced Recycling Alliance for Plastics offers its membership integration with the world class operations of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). Based in Washington, D.C., the ACC is the premier association for the chemical and plastics industries. Membership offers several key benefits:

  • Support to the ARAP by ACC’s state and federal government affairs teams to address statutory and regulatory barriers in the U.S. and key states;
  • Participation in the development of industry guidance documents to help navigate the myriad state and federal permitting and regulatory hurdles for new projects;
  • Integrated support to the ARAP with ACC’s communications and economics teams as it relates to promoting the advanced recycling and petrochemicals industries;
  • Affiliation with ACC’s Plastics Division, comprised of 20 of the leading plastics resin manufacturers.

Membership Categories

The ARAP has three membership categories – two voting and operational categories: (Tier I) for technology providers and (Tier II) for stakeholders, and (Tier III) for advisors:

  • Tier I (Technology Providers), for companies that develop and implement technologies which convert post-use plastics into petroleum-based fuels, chemicals, feedstocks and other products; and
  • Tier II (Stakeholders), widely open to those not meeting Tier I membership requirements, but otherwise have a significant economic interest in innovative solutions for plastics recovery.
  • Tier III (Advisors), open to entities not eligible for Tier I or Tier II, but that provides services to the chemical and plastics industries. Tier III members are ineligible to vote on group decisions.

Member Benefits:

  • Advocacy
  • Technical Research Development
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Industry Networking

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