The Polymer Family

Print out the house and have students unscramble the names for each of the rooms. Students should draw a polymer item in each room, then complete the Polymer Family's story.

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The Polymers live in a cozy house. Their home is filled with plastic items that improve and make our everyday lives safer. In the living room, we see _________________________. In the kitchen, ________________________. In the bathroom, _____________________. In Polly's bedroom, we see _________________.

Build Your Own House


Use this activity to teach children how to recognize polymers in their homes, by building their own house.


2 shoe boxes; pictures from magazines.

Each Child Will Make a House:

  1. Get 2 regular-sized shoe boxes.

  2. Turn the shoe boxes on their sides.

  3. Cover the box with paper and decorate like a house.

  4. The inside will have pictures from magazines of items made from polymers, such as:

    1. Living room: picture frames, furniture, curtains, carpet, lamps, VCR, remote control
    2. Kitchen: forks, spoons, knives, TV trays, appliances, containers for food, bottles, soft drink bottles, dishes, plastic bags, trash cans, vases 
    3. Bedroom: toys, furniture, jewelry, shades, curtains, shoes, clothing, smoke detector, computer, CD's
    4. Bathroom: bottles, toothpaste container, toothbrush, shampoo, bath toys
    5. Garage: sports equipment and protective gear, car tires, car seats, seatbelts